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Our Top 10 Activities & Must-See Guide

Bonaire offers many different sights and sounds to experience. Our tropical, breezy weather of 80F degrees combined with the laid-back, island culture, makes for a perfect holiday. Filled with some of the best untouched natural environments, it is one to be enjoyed by adults and children alike. Whether a relaxing honeymoon, fun-filled family retreat or quick getaway - you set the pace and we'll make it happen. Experience excellent care from our team, who are readily available to assist with coordinating, booking and any questions you may have. We aim to make your stay a memorable enjoy!

1.) Scuba Diving (PADI)

Scuba & snorkel in your own "backyard"!

Behind Bonaire Vacation Villas are well known dive sites, suitable for all levels of diving. We work with the best dive schools on the island, who can customize everything to your experience and preference.

 As our guests, enjoy discounted rates on all services, equipment and packages, plus complimentary dive butler (pick-up/delivery service). You will receive personalized assistance for all your diving needs to maximize your underwater adventures on Bonaire.


Top Dive Sites

(in order of distance from Villas) :

  • Hilma Hooker (Sunken Ship)

  • Alice In Wonderland

  • Salt Pier (Schools of Barracuda)

  • Tori's Reef

  • Red Slave

  • White Hole (Turles)

  • Klein Bonaire (many dive spots)

  • Bari Reef (bait balls)

  • Andreas 1 & 2

  • 1000 Steps (Turtle Sightings)


VIP Diving

(Receive 20% off) PADI Dive School


77 Julio A. Abraham Boulevard

Kralendijk, Bonaire


Buddy Dive

(Off Shore Dive Excursions Available by Boat)


85 Kaya Gob. N. Debrot

Kralendijk, Bonaire

Scuba Diving
2.) Snorkeling

Immerse yourself in the pristine waters and lively barrier reef of the Caribbean Sea. Not only are we a "Blue Destination", we take pride in our ocean conservation & sustainability. For children and adults, there are many locations ideal for various levels of snorkeling.


Here's our list of favorite snorkel locations:

Top Snorkel Sites

(in order of distance from Villas) :

  • The Lake (Great for Ostracod)

  • Hilma Hooker (Sunken Ship)

  • Salt Pier (Schools of Barracuda)

  • White Hole (Turles)

  • Lac Cai (Lac Bay / Mangroves)

  • Klein Bonaire (many dive spots)

  • Bari Reef (Bait Ball)

  • Andreas 1 & 2

  • 1000 Steps (Turtle Sightings)

3.) Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing (IKO)

The Caribbean Trade Winds allow for us to have year-round weather conditions, ideal for wind related sports. Considered one of the best kiteboarding spots of the world, Atlantis Kite Beach is located a short 12 minutes drive, south the Villas, on the southern west tip of Bonaire. Expect flat waters and off-shore winds with average speeds of 16-22 knots.

We work with experienced instructors and IKO rated schools who are passionate about their sport. With clear waters, marked entry / exit zones and rescue boats on hand, Atlantis Beach boasts one of the most coveted kitesurf locations for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders.


Bonaire Kiteschool



Atlantis Beach

E.E.G. Boulevard

Kralendijk, Bonaire


Kiteboarding Bonaire


Atlantis Beach

E.E.G. Boulevard

Kralendijk, Bonaire

4.) Windsurfing

Another breathtaking "must-see" location, Sorobon at Lac Bay - a reef protected bay, renowned for it's sandy beaches and turquoise, waist-high waters. A favorite of locals and visitors to relax, sunbath and sip on fresh Sangria's. Considered one of Bonaire's treasures, the exceptional weather and water conditions has produced world celebrated Windsurf Champions. For beginners to advanced surfers, there's no better place for windsurfing!

Next to their beach clubs, the windsurf schools sit on the shoreline for easy in / out access to the sea. Experienced instructors (Windsurf Pros. included) offer private or group lessons and clinics for all skill sets. Whether you're learning how to windsurf or mastering a "Heli. Tack", Sorobon is the place to be.


Jibe City Surf School

Classes & Rentals

(Windsurf Gear &

Paddle Board Equippment)


 Lac Bay

 12 Kaminda Sorbon

Kralendijk, Bonaire


Bonaire Windsurf Place

Classes & Rentals


Lac Bay

Kaminda Sorobon

Kralendijk, Bonaire

5.) Kayaking & Paddle Boarding

Being an island surrounded by reef allows for calmer waters, ideal for kayaking and paddle boarding. Although you can kayak or paddle board around most of Bonaire, the best locations are: Sorobon Lac Bay, Lac Cai (great place to swim with sea turtles) and in between the Lac Bay Mangroves (aquatic nursery channel) and Barrier Reef. With our protected marine environment, you are easily able to see a vast variety of sea life. (In efforts to preserve the marine ecosystem, it is important to be informed and practice behaviors that do not cause any damage while exploring the  wildlife.)

Our kayaking & paddle board operators offer guided tours included with equipment rental.


Windows to the Sea

Guided Kayak & Snorkel Tour



Salty Tours Bonaire

Kayak & Boat Rentals



Mangrove Info. & Kayak

Guided Kayak Tour


Windsurf Kayak
6.) Sailing & Boat Rentals & Water Sports

Did you know, Bonaire's flag includes a sailor's compass within it's design? That's because for generations, Bonaire has been known for having many experienced sailors, including those who once served in aiding the Allies during WWII. Many great mariners flock to and from Bonaire especially during the annual Sailing Regatta (Races).

We work with several experienced boat companies that offer a variety of sailing excursions (single hull yacht or double hull catamaran) with options of sunset / snorkel / BBQ packages (chill 'n grill) as well as many selections for "fun-boat" rentals and water sports. Trips can be booked as a private tour or group cruise. This is definitely one of the best ways to experience Bonaire and visit Klein Bonaire.

Water sports include but not limited to:

  • Wakeboarding / Wake Skiing

  • Wake Surfing

  • Paddle Boarding

  • Tubing

Great activity for large and small groups or individuals, including children and adults.


Blue Bay Bonaire

(Sailing, Boat Rentals & Watersports)

+599 701 5500

Harbour Village Marina

71 Kaya Gobernador N.Debrot

Kralendijk, Bonaire


Sea Cow Snorkeling

(Snorkel Tour to Klein Bonaire)

+599 785 7727

Harbour Village Marina

71 Kaya Gobernador N.Debrot

Kralendijk, Bonaire


Epic Water Taxi & Tour

(Sailing, Boat Rental & Water Taxi)

+599 717 1133

Across from Pier

24 Kaya J.N.E. Craane

Kralendijk, Bonaire


Compass Sailing Bonaire

(Sailing & Snorkel Guide)


Plaza Resort Marina,
80 J.A. Abraham Boulevard

Kralendijk, Bonaire

Sailing & Boat Rentals
7.) Fishing
  • Deep Sea / Big Game

  • Night (Tuna) Fishing

  • East Coast Shore Fishing

  • Fly Fishing

  • Snorkel Fishing

  • Sunrise / Sunset Excusion

With decades of experience, our fishing operators offer a wide range of fishing charters. You will find many varieties of fish and sea life in Bonaire's pristines waters. Though we are abundant in our aquatic life, to preserve our island's natural resources, our fishermen take pride in fishing responsibly and for most excusions it is "catch & release". Of course you are welcome to take home any catch as long as they are of permitted size. Great activity for large or small groups, adults or children - enjoy your own fresh "catch of the day". Too tired to prep and cook your catch? Let our private chefs arrange something special for you. 

Here are some of the local fish you will encounter while fishing:

  • Almaco Jack

  • Barracua ("Piku")

  • Bonefish ("Warashi")

  • Grouper - mystic, snowy, scamp, red hind

  • Grunt

  • Jack - Amberjack, Barjack, Blackjack, Horse-eye Jack

  • Ladyfish

  • Mackeral - King

  • Mahi Mahi / Dolphinfish ("Dorado")

  • Marlin ("Balau")

  • Mullet ("Haldu")

  • Needlefish

  • Pompano ("Permit")

  • Rainbow Runner

  • Red Fish ("Perunchi")

  • Sailfish

  • Sharks ("Tribon")

  • Snapper - Cubera, Mutton, Red, Queen, Yellowtail

  • Snook

  • Tarpon ("Sabalo")

  • Triggerfish

  • Tripletail

  • Trumpetfish

  • Tuna - Black-fin, Skipjack, Yellow-fin

  • Wahoo ("Mulatu")


Fishing Adventures

(Receive 10% off)


Plaza Resort Marina,
80 J.A. Abraham Boulevard

Kralendijk, Bonaire

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Fish Tales